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Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Adventures

 Aunt Amy made both kids new swimsuits. It wasn't warm enough for swimming in April, but there was enough sunshine for us to dream.

 We made our first zoo trip of the year. It was a beautiful day, and all of the animals were out enjoying the sunshine. When I asked Sarah what she wanted to see at the zoo, her instant answer was meerkats.  She didn't want to look at anything else until we found them.
 Feeding the sheep
 Going down the big giraffe slide all by herself
 Can't go to the zoo without at least one ride on the carousel!
 Thank goodness for that glass!
 Chris made it up on hands and knees!
 Such hard work!
 Chris went for his first ride in a shopping cart.
 The weekend before Easter, we got to spend lots of fun time with family. Jehana and her family came to visit for a few days. Kelson took their family as well as our kids to see a little of Boise while I was in the temple with my family. They loved playing with the magformers at the library. 

 Katy went to the temple for the first time, and we all got to be there for her special day. It was such a great experience to be in the temple with my whole family. 
 Afterwards, we came back to our house for some seriously amazing dessert. That is a brownie layer topped with layers of chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla mousse, topped with ganache, fresh raspberries, and raspberry sauce. It was delicious. Definite Pinterest win.

 The next weekend was my birthday. The best present Kelson gave me was to take Sarah the day before my birthday so my Mom, Chris, and I could spend a day thrift shopping in Boise. We had so much fun! It will be even better when I can leave both kids.
 For my birthday dinner, we had a crepe bar. So good! We had savory toppings for dinner followed by sweet toppings for dessert. Who needs a birthday cake?
Kelson gave me this CD case for my birthday. What do you think is in Emily's mix?

 Chocolate, of course! He knows me so well.

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