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Friday, September 12, 2014

Take Your Wife to Work Day

I had an awesome opportunity this week to go on a family cruise on Kelson's ship for the day. I have never been under way with the ship before, and it was great!
 We started the trip with the tugs helping us pull out of Pearl Harbor, which was a pretty cool process to watch.
 The base historian joined us for the trip and narrated the transit through Pearl Harbor, telling us all about the historical events that have occurred there. 

 Behind me you can see the USS Missouri and our lovely Ford Island home.
 We sailed out of Pearl Harbor, along the coast of Oahu past Waikiki and Diamond Head, and then over near the island of Molokai and then back. What a way to see the island!

 Kelson took me all over the ship, and I got to see up close what the damage control teams do. These are some of the guys that Kelson is in charge of. I walked through a passageway full of fake smoke. It was dark and scary and made me glad I don't work on a ship. 
 I was actually pretty nervous in this picture. I was rather unsteady on the ship while it was moving, and then they handed me a very sharp, pointy axe. Don't worry, no one got hurt.

 The whole time we have lived in San Diego and Hawaii, I have been dying to see a dolphin. Kelson comes home and brags about all of the dolphins he sees all the time, and I am very jealous. We were in Kelson's room relaxing and watching a movie when they announced that there were dolphins near the ship. You wouldn't believe how fast I hopped up and hurried outside. There were three of them playing near the ship.  Excuse my dorky voice in the video.  I was so excited!
Kelson's shipboard career is winding down, and this may have been his last day at sea. I am so glad that I got to spend a day with him and get a little glimpse of his Navy life. I was very nervous leaving Sarah with a friend for the whole day, but she did just fine.  Thanks to the Benroth family for taking her so Kelson and I could have an adventure! 

Sarah: 10 Months

Sarah is 10 months old! Her little personality is coming out more all the time. We love her!

Sarah this month:

  • Weight: 21 lb 8 oz (75-90%)  Height: 28.25 inches (50%)   Head: 17.75 inches
  • Learned to pull herself to a standing position and pulls up on everything within reach.
  • Crawls all over the place, but usually has one foot hitched underneath her. 
  • Has an instinct for finding everything she is not supposed to get into.
  • Loves having dance parties, riding on Daddy's shoulders, being outside, and swimming.
  • Struggling with a little bit of separation anxiety. 
  • Wants to do everything herself, especially eating.
  • Starting to grow up and slim down, but she is still utterly squeezable and kissable!