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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm a Real Nurse!

One of my happiest moments last year was when I finally passed my licensing exam and earned the right to sign RN behind my name. However, due to the number of times we have moved and the busy weeks settling into our new home, followed by a trip to Oregon for Christmas, my debut into the working world has been delayed for quite some time.  I must admit that the months since I graduated have been a nice break.  I have had more time for hobbies than I ever have in my life. (Speaking of, I keep promising some pictures of some of my awesome projects.  I promise I am going to get on that.) However, I was starting to get a little stir-crazy cooped up in our apartment all day, especially when Kelson was gone. Gratefully, I found a job that I am excited about, and I started work almost three weeks ago. When I got to work on my first day as an RN, they pinned a "Charge Nurse" badge on me, and I was scared to death. I am going to be in training for the next couple of months, and I am slowly but surely learning how to do my new job. It is an exciting new chapter in my life.  It still gives me a little thrill whenever I sign my name and add the RN at the end!

This was my first day of work as a real nurse. It makes me so excited to be able to wear cute scrubs! You really can't beat getting to go to work in what are basically pajamas every day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Picnic at Presidio Park & A Little Culture at Balboa Park

Over the weekend, we ventured out to a couple of parks around San Diego. On Saturday, we wanted to go on a picnic (which you may have noticed is pretty much our favorite date), so I told Kelson to come up with a good spot. We ended up at Presidio Park, which overlooks Old Town San Diego and Mission Valley and has a beautiful Spanish mission in the middle of it. Good choice, Kelson.
The Junipero Serra mission. A beautiful piece of San Diego history. There was a couple taking engagement photos there that we kept having to dodge so that we wouldn't get in their pictures.

The park is right next to the Mormon Battalion site, and there were a couple of monuments to the battalion in the park.

Winter is rough here in San Diego.  Daisies are the friendliest flower.

A little self-photography happiness overlooking San Diego.
 On Sunday afternoon, we headed to Balboa Park for the free concert that is held weekly at the Spreckles Organ pavilion. It is one of the largest outdoor pipe organs in the world. Like the rest of Balboa Park, it was built as part of a world's fair exhibition almost 100 years ago.  The instrument itself is gorgeous, but the music was incredible. Watching the organist's feet amazed me. He was very talented. He was joined by a brass ensemble and an a capella group from Yale called the Whiffenpoofs. We really enjoyed the concert. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

After the concert, we stepped into the atrium, an indoor garden full of tropical plants. The orchids were my favorite.

Lots and lots of palm trees (not that we have a shortage of those around here anyway)

In front of the atrium, there is a huge pond full of fish, ducks, and turtles.

a little more Balboa Park architecture
Kelson in front of the atrium. It is a very nifty-looking building.

On our way out, we walked by this van. It was covered in tiny writing, which seemed to be names of different holidays and religions from all over the world. That is the owner writing more words on the car. My favorite part is the Mickey and Minny on the back. I'm thinking about getting some for our car.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun With Family

We were so excited a couple of weeks ago to get to spend a few days with my brother, Jeremy, his wife Amy, and their adorable 2-year old, Anne. Jeremy had a week off from school, so they decided to take a trip to California and escape the Utah winter. We do have a pretty amazing climate here in San Diego. It was so much fun having Jeremy's family here and enjoying being my niece's favorite person for a few days. Being the only grandchild in my family, she may be just a little bit spoiled.  I realized that I didn't take any pictures with Jeremy and Amy while they were here. Oops. I love you guys too, I promise.

Seriously, though, can you resist that little face? We took her to the beach, and she absolutely loved it.

Nothing better than squinching a little sand between your toes. 

Seriously, guys, enough pictures. I'm trying to play on the beach here.

Kelson had to work on Sunday, so I took our guests to visit him, and he gave us a tour of the ship. Annie even got to steer. I think she may have a future in the Navy.

Thanks for coming to visit, Jeremy, Amy, and Anne!  We had so much fun!