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Monday, August 24, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg

We have the cool opportunity of living just 45 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg. There are so many places near our home that feature prominently in the history of our country. Visiting the Revolutionary Village at Williamsburg is something that we have been looking forward to since we got here. The park had a week when local residents were allowed free admission, so we got together with our friends, the Phillips, to visit.
 in addition to the historic displays and reenactments, the village is full of the most amazing gardens.
 Plus a few mazes. (It seems a little strange for a maze to have an arrow pointing the direction you should go.)
 George Wythe's house had chickens and sheep. The girls were very excited about the chickens. We had a hard time pulling them away. 
 Sarah got bored during lunch, so I let her take pictures of Daddy.
 Listening to the fife and drum corps made us want to get up and march along. We could see why they were used to inspire soldiers in the face of terrible odds.
 At the very end of the day, we discovered the sheep paddock. We had two very excited toddlers on our hands. 
 Can I get in, Daddy?

 Shoes? Who wears shoes?
 Best moment ever for a two year old. The sheep came to munch on the grass right in front of them.  It couldn't have cared less that they were there. Sarah made sure to wave hi very emphatically.
 We used the zoomed out version of this shot so you couldn't see how unhappy Sarah looked. She was a little worn out after the great excitement with the sheep.
She was out before we even got out of the park and slept all the way home. Just too much fun in one day. We had a great time learning about the history of pre-revolutionary America and can't wait to go back to learn more. One of Sarah's accomplishments for the day was learning Kelson's first name. She heard me calling to him from across the street. Now she yells "Kelson!" all the time. It is hilarious.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Buckroe Beach

Since leaving Hawaii, we haven't made much time for the beach even though there are many beautiful beaches in our area. We finally decided it was time to get back in the water. We went to Buckroe Beach in Hampton, which is actually on Chesapeake Bay, not the Atlantic Ocean. It was a beautiful beach day, and the water was insanely warm. That is one of the advantages of Chesapeake Bay. The other advantage was not having to worry about sharks. Ick.
 Sarah was amazingly excited about getting to play in the water. The waves there were very small, so it was a perfect spot for her to play. 
 What a fun day!