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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Adventures

A few more adventures for the Mosiers before the end of Summer:
Our belongings FINALLY arrived, and we spent lots of time unpacking. We took a break from moving in to visit the Payette County Fair. Sarah loved seeing all of the animals, especially the chickens and rabbits. 
We went to a fruit orchard in Weiser and picked peaches. Sarah loved picking the peaches, but it took a little training to prevent her from dropping them into the box and bruising them to pieces. 
On that same day, one of Kelson's coworkers gave us a bunch of blackberries, so we had all kinds of delicious fruit to eat and process. We made blackberry peach jam, which is super yummy!
One of Sarah's favorite parts of visiting Grandma's house is that she gets to eat sugary cereal. She has mastered the art of getting every last drop.
We went to the Shriners parade, and the kids had fun eating candy and watching the shriners in all of their funny cars.
We went to the Baxter family reunion in Union. Sarah fell asleep on the way to the state park, so she had a nice snooze in her stroller while the rest of us built a boat out of miscellaneous junk for the boat building contest. Our boat, which Anne named Sally, won the race!

We finished the reunion with swimming and dinner at Medical Springs. Sarah loves playing with her Aunt Katy.
Story time with Grandma and all of the grandkids. These kids have the best grandma ever.

My parents and I had a yard sale, which turned out to be an immense amount of work. It will be a while before we attempt that again, although we did manage to clear out a lot of our junk treasures.
Sarah's cousins are very fond of eating Nutella sandwiches at Grandma's house. Normally, Sarah refuses anything that vaguely resembles a sandwich. I walked into the kitchen and found her making a Nutella sandwich for herself. She had found the Nutella, bread, and a knife and carefully spread the Nutella on before adding the second piece of bread. Even more surprisingly, she actually ate at least part of it. This girl always surprises me.

We ended our summer with a fun family vacation at the Oregon coast. Stay tuned for that post!