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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chris: 7 Months

Chris at 7 months:
  • He has tried lots of solid foods now and is no longer happy with just milk. His favorite is squash or yams mixed with apples and a little cinnamon.
  • Sleeping much better, which makes Mommy very happy.
  • Has mastered getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. We will have a crawler soon! For now, he makes his way around the room by squirming around like a snake. Slow, but effective.
  • Can sit on his own, but has no interest in doing so. He would rather be on his tummy playing with toys, so he flings himself down when you try to make him sit.
  • Loves his sister! Everything she does is funny.
  • Has a bit of stranger danger, particularly around other women. His short list of people he likes include Mommy, Grandma, Aunt Katy, and Aunt Jehana.
  • We thought the blue eyes would fade, but I think they just keep getting more blue. Weird!
  • Chris has become such a happy little boy. We love him!

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