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Friday, March 31, 2017

March Madness

March was a fun month at our house. The snow finally started melting, which meant we could actually escape our house on occasion. 
 Sarah loves her animals. She put the baby bird up on the windowsill to look outside, so obviously the mama bird had to be there to take care of her baby.
 Chris is our cuddler. Grandma is always good for a cuddle.
 Annie and Sarah made Grandma a fancy cake for her birthday.
 Chris does not like to sleep right now, particularly if we are at Grandma's house. This was such a magical moment that I had to capture it.
 We spent a day at Grandma's house and made our first park trip of the season. Sarah got to swing and eat a nutella sandwich at the same time. Can life get better than that?
 Chris tried out the swings for the first time. It's a serious moment in a boy's life.
 Chris tried his first bite of solid food at Grandma's house. Yummy avocado!
 We started our garden in March (separate post to come on that!). Chris and I had fun watching Daddy with the rototiller.
 Chris loves bath time!

 Kelson ran a 10K in Adrian. The kids and I cheered from the sidelines. 
 Sarah gave Daddy an unprompted back scratch while he was stretching.
 3rd place! That trophy is massive and heavy. It gets to live on Kelson's desk at work.
 One of the spaces that has been needing some work since we moved in is my sewing space in the bonus room over our garage.

 Kelson and I built a 2-part desk, a huge window seat, and a bookcase that fit perfectly in the space. I love my new sewing room! The only hiccup was when we moved the bookcase in and realized we had accidentally built it 5 inches too tall. It wouldn't fit under the low ceiling, so we had to cut it down. Apparently there is something to that whole measure twice, cut once thing.

 Sarah's curls are awesome, but they were getting out of control. It was time for her first trim. She was pretty nervous at first, but she eventually warmed up to it and had a great time.
 Beautiful girl!
We got to stop at Arctic Circle for lunch because she was so brave for the hairdresser. I just love my little Shirley Temple!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chris: 6 Months

Update time: Chris celebrated his half birthday!

Chris at 6 Months:
  • 27 inches tall (65th percentile) and 16 pounds 11 ounces (38th percentile). He has always tended to be just a little taller and a little skinnier than average with slightly larger than average head.  Sarah outweighed him by 3 pounds at this age. 
  • Spent another month never sleeping and then finally gave in and decided to sleep the day before his 6 month birthday. He went from never napping and waking up 10 times every night to suddenly taking 3 good naps and waking up once or twice. Please don't let this be a fluke. 
  • If he is on the floor, he automatically rolls to his tummy. It is easier to find things to play with and stick in his mouth that way. He also sleeps on his tummy. However, he still can't roll back the other way, so he eventually screams for help to roll over.
  • Tried his first solid food: avocados. He is very jealous of anyone who eats around him and tries to steal food. 
  • He has mastered hair pulling. Sarah is a perfect target with all those curls.
  • His pacifier has been mostly abandoned.
  • Drools everywhere.
  • Such a happy, smiley boy!