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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What to do with a Dremel (or a Black&Decker RTX tool)

For Christmas, Emily gave Kelson a Black&Decker version of the Dremel. It is, on the whole, a little bit better of a product, actually. It has an increased rpm range, and it is a bit easier to grip for doing fine detailing work. It is also compatible with most every Dremel accessory, which is convenient.
Emily also gave Kelson a starter kit with a whole bunch of different bits. There are bits for sanding, cutting, engraving, polishing, drilling, scouring/grinding, etc. And the different bits are for different material hardness. We experimented on a few different materials - wood, metal, glass.
Emily's first experiment was with a scouring bit in order to combat the unsightly stovetop drip pans.
And then Kelson got to work beginning his art career. He has started out doing some simple work, tracing designs and then etching them with a dremel bit. For his first project...

"Joseph Smith and the Nauvoo Temple" in pinewood

"Tiger Stencil" on aluminum cookie sheet

Emily also got in on this game.
"Butterfly and Emily Mosier" on aluminum cookie sheet
Then Emily discovered glass. Glass, we found, is more forgiving and more pliable and workable than metal.
Finally, Kelson discovered glass.
And liked it.
And liked Emily.
The End.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sarah: 2 Months

Our beautiful Sarah at 2 months:

  • Height: 23.5" (95th percentile), Weight: 11 lb 15 oz (95th percentile)  Head: 15" (50th percentile)
  • She loves being sung to, especially if you do the motions with her hands.  Her favorite songs are "I've Been Workin on the Railroad" and "How I Love My Pretty Baby".
  • Diaper changes are her favorite times of the day because she knows there are going to be songs and tummy kisses.  She starts smiling as soon as we put her on the changing table.  
  • She loves anything that dangles above her head, especially her activity mat, the ceiling fans, and the teddy bear mobile in her pack and play. Those teddy bears are her best friends.
  • Nap time is a struggle, and the evening grumps have definitely set in. The moby wrap and the swing are the only ways we get naps in around here. 
  • Sarah gets more smiley and more interactive by the day.  She is so much fun!