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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February: The Cutest Cow, Valentines, One sick baby, and Sidewalks!

Sometimes your daughter is dressed as a cow when it is time to go to Wal Mart. Why make her change? It's not like we were going somewhere fancy, like Target. 

Valentines! Our challenge was to buy something for each other that we haven't given as a gift before. Kelson still bought me my favorite chocolate, but he gave me a box of seeds instead of fresh flowers. I will plant them in the garden when it reappears from under the snow.
I haven't made a paper craft in a long time, so I had some fun packaging Kelson's gift. The note said that it was "a little sweet, a little spicy, and very cheesy, just like you"
The box contained chili pepper Ghirardelli chocolate, which was actually pretty good.
To show Kelson my love for him, I gave him a block of processed cheese. He loves it, and it pretty much makes me gag, so I never buy it. He ended up taking it to the church and making nachos for the scouts.
 Chris got a Valentine balloon, which Sarah excitedly gave to him.
 Sarah got a card with chocolate and a balloon too. Few things are more exciting than a new balloon and chocolate when you are three.

Just after Valentine's Day, Chris came down with a really bad respiratory virus. The poor kid was miserable for at least a week. For several days I could hardly get him to eat. We finally took him into the ER on a Saturday night to get him checked out for an ear infection. Neither of us slept for days. It was terrible. We are glad everyone is feeling better now.
Sarah never naps unless she happens to fall asleep in the car or the stroller. However, she grabbed a blanket and pillow and went right to sleep while our home teachers were visiting one Sunday. Apparently the conversation wasn't too exciting.
Halfway through February, the sidewalks finally reappeared! For the first time in months we could go for a walk! It was amazing. 
I recently started serving as the cubmaster for our church cub scout pack. My first den meeting was the Blue and Gold banquet. I felt like I was getting tossed in at the deep end, but it went pretty well, even trying to conduct the meeting with a sick, cranky Chris strapped to my front. 
I finally decided that I couldn't handle the sea of oatmeal in my house any more and convinced Kelson to help me paint our bedroom yellow with a white ceiling. It looks so much happier! Our house is finally coming together. I will post a full tour one of these days.
Sarah had a routine eye check-up at the end of the month and was super brave. Her eye is doing better than we could have hoped, which is great news. She even sat still for the glaucoma test. Great job, Sarah! We celebrated with ice cream.

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