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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Snowpocalypse 2017

We have spent the last 5 years living in places where winter wasn't much of an issue. We didn't have it at all in San Diego or Hawaii, and our winter in Virginia was pretty short. In fact, it was 90 degrees on Christmas there. When we moved home to the Northwest, we knew that winter would become a reality once again. The first snow fell at the beginning of December while we were on vacation, and we came home to several lovely inches of Christmas snow. Being from this area, I knew that snow would accumulate for a while, then it would melt, then more would fall. It would come and go. I was wrong. The snow kept coming and coming. It was the most snow that this area has received in at least 20 years.
This was at the beginning of the winter when Sarah could still play in the back yard. By January, we had 3 feet of snow that stuck around for 2 months. Sarah couldn't go out in the yard, or she might have disappeared. 
So much shoveling to do!
 The snow that started as charming became dangerous. Roofs in this area were not built to hold 3 feet of snow. Snow removal became the biggest business around. One Sunday, church was cancelled because of yet another snow storm and Kelson, along with a number of other men from the ward, spent the whole day shoveling people's roofs. Roofs started leaking and collapsing all around the area. The damage was devastating. We were fortunate not to have any damage at our house. 

 Sarah loved the snow. One day, Kelson dug her a "bed" and tucked her in with a "blanket". She thought it was awesome. 

 The plow working on the construction site next door plowed our driveway for us, and we ended up with huge drifts. Sarah could go sledding without ever leaving our front yard.

We weren't sure the snow would ever melt, and we were all terrified of the flood that happen when it did. Fortunately, the snow did finally melt, and we didn't have any flooding problems at our house. The farmer's almanac predicts that we will have 3 more winters like this one. I hope it is wrong.

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