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Friday, December 23, 2016

December 2016

We love the holidays! Being able to share the magic of this season with our children and to be near family made this a December to remember.

We went home the day after Thanksgiving and spent the weekend decorating our home for Christmas.  It is always fun to figure out how to decorate a new home after we move.
 You must have a fireplace to hang the stockings on so Santa can come.

 Our pie safe makes a fun Christmas display.
 We added a second Christmas tree to the collection this year, so I got to do a fancy, color-themed tree.
 Sarah was thrilled when we pulled out the Little People nativity and played with it all day.
 Helping Daddy decorate the tree
 Chris is right: It's the best time of the year!

 I had a million things to do one day when Sarah asked to make Christmas cookies. I couldn't say no!
 I normally give Sarah her Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve, but I decided it made more sense to let the kids have them on Thanksgiving. Then they could wear them all season. 
 Sarah came out of her room like this and told me she was a dinosaur. With the headband on her forehead she was Little Foot. When she pulled it over her eyes, she became Sharp Tooth. I have no idea why. 
 Sarah helped Grandma and I make my Grandma's raisin bread. A holiday tradition!
 Kelson had to go to Seattle for work the first weekend of December, so the kids and I went to my parents' house. Grandpa and Chris had some bonding time. 
 We went to the Christmas parade. Sarah went right up front with her cousins and loved the whole thing.
 Our visit to Santa Claus was totally traumatizing. I kind of love this picture
 It took me an hour and 42 steps to put this Little People car ramp together. So complicated! It was a fun gift from Kelson's parents. 
 Sarah came down with the stomach flu one day. She made a valiant effort at playing, but she didn't get far.
 We heard that the town of Caldwell, 20 minutes up the road, had great Christmas lights, so we decided to stop and see them on our way home from Boise one evening. They were amazing! I love making fun discoveries like that.

All of this holiday fun led up to a perfect Christmas. I will give that its own post :)

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